Wednesday Night is
Family Worship Night 

Family Night Meals - 5:15 PM

We begin our Family Nights each week with a community meal in the Fellowship Hall.  Whether it's pizza, spaghetti, or turkey and mashed potatoes, you're guaranteed to get a good wholesome meal with good conversation and fellowship to go along with it.  A donation of $5.00 per person or $12.00 per family is suggested.

Family Night Worship - 6:00 PM

Each week we come together as a family to spend time together in worship.  Young and old gather together for prayer, singing, scripture reading, and focusing our hearts and mind on God's word before kids, youth, and adults split off into groups for their lesson time. 


At Riverview we strive to saturate people of all ages with the Bible, and to engage its truth together.  Family Nights are a great way to achieve both of these goals. The Gospel Project is a program that takes children, youth, and adults chronologically through the Bible in four years, teaching theology in ways people can understand at their age level.  The Gospel Project studies are unified.  In other words, people of all ages study the same verses and passages from the Bible.  This means that parents who participate in our adult Bible study can easily track where and what their children are learning, making at-home discipleship even more accessible and possible for all families.  Take a look at the schedule for our Family Night activities below, and find out where you can fit in.

Adults, Kids, and Youth Groups - 6:30 PM

What is the Bible about?  What is its message?  Who wrote it?  Who is the main character?  The surrounding culture tells us that we are at the center of their world.  The cultural mindset says, "My life is about me.  I'm here to feel good; I need to be successful; I need to be working on overcoming my personal problems."  This mindset places the person at the center, instead of Christ.  Our goal is to grow into God-honoring, Christ-treasuring, redeemed people. All ages study the same passage of scripture each week, but in different age groups.  In addition to studying the Bible, kids work on memorizing scripture, sing songs together, and complete fun activities that point them to the truth of the Bible.    At their mid-week youth meetings, students learn essential Bible study skills as they seek to find Jesus on every page. Adults hear a text-based message on the week's passage, and wrap up their evening with a time of fellowship and coffee.