A Prayer for the New Year

This prayer has been adapted from the Puritan prayer book The Valley of Vision available here.  

O Lord, as we have come upon the end of a year, help us to remember your goodness: that throughout this past year you have been good when you have taken away, when the light shone upon us, and when the night gathered over us.  You have loved us before the foundation o fthe world, in spite of our hard hearts.  Your goodness has been with us another year, leading us through the wilderness, and your goodness will be with us in the year ahead.  

In the coming days, remind us that this year does not profit us except that our days are passed in your presence, in your service, and to your glory.  Give us grace for this new year that guides, sustains, and aids, so that we might rely on yoru Spirit to supply evbery though, every word, every step, and every work.  Build up our faitha n d give us a desire to show forth your praise to this community.  May we testify to your love and advance your kingdom among ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.  Give us your comforts to cheer us, your wisdom to guide us, your counsel to instruct us, your law to judge us, and your presence to stabilize us. 

God, we thank you that we do not see the future, so that we might lean on you all the more.  Lord, whatever we are to face, we stand in confidence that you will face it with us, and that you are not caught off guard by whatever lies ahead.  If we are to be tempted, we shall not be overcome; if we are to die, we shall simply see your face all the sooner; if suffering and difficulty lie in store for us, give us grace that our faith would not fail.  Only glorify yourself in us, whether in comfort or trial, as chosen vessels for your use.