Hearing, Responding, and Applying 

The goal of adult discipleship at Riverview Baptist Church is to enable adults to hear, understand, respond to, and apply the word of God in accordance with a biblical worldview. 

At Riverview we believe that the acquisition of Bible knowledge should result in the application of Bible knowledge and an inward transformation and change.  We believe God's word is central and absolute in Christian life and growth ministry.  We believe in and acknowledge the role of the Holy Spirit in spiritual formation.  We believe in providing a variety of teaching and learning options.  We believe in maintaining consistent church/home relationships.

Fall 2017 Adult Sunday School Classes

class: 2 Corinthians 

Leader: Pastor Levi

Location: Fellowship Hall

This fall we will be studying the book of 2 Corinthians to see how the Apostle Paul sought to reconcile with the church of Corinth. This church had a lot of issues which Paul addressed in 1 Corinthians ranging from divisions & sexuality immorality to abuse of spiritual gifts. In his ministry to the church at Corinth, Paul displays how to suffer well by using the suffering of Christ Jesus as his model. Join us for this study Sunday mornings this fall.

class: The Gospel of John

Leader: Matt Glewwe

Location: conference room

The Gospel of John is beloved for it theologically rich language and unique accounts of Jesus' teaching. In John we see a mature reflection on the life, death, and resurrection of Christ by the Apostle John. Join us as we discuss this Gospel through out the fall!

To listen to the podcast of this Sunday School Class click here