Riverview Youth Ministry

the goal of Riverview's student ministries is to come alongside parents as they seek to build a biblical worldview in their children as they grow into God-glorifying young adults. 

Sundays @ 9 aM

REjoicing in God's Good Design (High School, Grades 9-12)

The goal of this study is to help students to understand and rejoice in God's good design in creating men and women fully equal in his image, yet with different roles.  By showing students that male and female differences are rooted in God's created design, students are led to acknowledge that the only way we can understand who we are as men and women is  to come to terms with the Creator and what he tells us about ourselves in Scripture.

My Purpose Will Stand
(Middle School, Grades 5-8)

God is not an idle God.  He is continually involved with all created things, directing them to accomplish His eternal purposes.  This study teaches youth to recognize god's providence in their lives and to joyfully trust his good purposes for them.  Each lesson reveals that God is the sovereign ruler of the universe whose eye is watching over all things, and whose hand is working in all things.

Wednesdays @ 6 PM


The surrounding culture tells young people that they are at the center of their world.  The cultural mindset says, "My life is about me.  I'm here to feel good; I need to be successful; I need to be working on overcoming my personal problems."  This mindset places the person at the center, instead of Christ.  Our goal is to help kids grow into God-honoring, Christ-treasuring, redeemed students.  At their mid-week youth meetings, students learn essential Bible study skills as they seek to find Jesus on every page.

Events & Service Projects

Riverview's youth regularly participate in special events and service projects that build relationships among teenagers and show them what it means to love, follow, and serve Jesus.  See the Calendar page for upcoming youth events and service projects.