Murder on the Senate Floor

Yesterday in the United States Senate, a bill failed to get the necessary sixty votes to advance to a final vote. This bill requires doctors to give life-saving medical treatment to children born alive after a failed abortion. The bill got 53 votes in favor, 44 against, and three non-votes. On the surface, this may appear to be more politics as usual, but we are far beyond usual at this point. Protecting born infants should not be a controversial topic—we are talking living children outside the womb! In this bill, there is no conflict concerning a “woman’s body,” and her rights as the child is now outside of the mother’s body. The only female bodies in danger are those of newborn women left to die alone. To stand against protecting newborns denies science, morality, and common decency. With the failure of this bill, the United States sanctions the murder of infants, and one party celebrates it.


It is hard to put into words how wretched, wicked, and evil such actions are, but this is America in 2019. Our politics have so consumed us we can’t even agree newly born children have the right to live. How blind and wicked we are! We treat the most helpless in our society as being less than human simply because one party wishes to protect the goddess of abortion. They are willing to sacrifice our children at the altar of choice. The political left is complicit in the murder of newborn children. Some may object that issue is complicated, but really it isn’t. This is murder, and it is reprehensible. There is no moral justification for such wickedness.

The same party which passed a law requiring every American get health insurance refuses to give healthcare to dying babies. The same party which trumpets healthcare as a human right refuses to give healthcare to the most vulnerable humans. And they celebrate their wickedness as a sign of how far we have come from the prior dark ages. Any illusion that we are morally superior to prior generations is both laughable and twisted. For all their faults, prior generations would not have stood in a doctor’s room and allowed babies to die alone. Wicked. Evil. Wretched. Inexcusable.

The real travesty here is not only what our Senate failed to do, but that this evil will soon be forgotten. Our national conscience is so blackened and seared that in a few days we will almost certainly forget about all of this. We will move on and express outrage about lesser things like the look on a young man’s face, or someone who slipped up and said the wrong thing twenty years ago. We are constantly reminded such wrongs cannot stand, all-the-while we allow infants to die alone. As a people, we have swallowed the camel and strained out the gnat.

The real shame on our nation is this our politics as usual, and we will treat it as such. The real wickedness is that we the people allow our representatives to act in such a way. The real evil here is that we will not hold them accountable for the murder of our most innocent and defenseless. The real scandal is Christians will be told by their leaders there are other issues we also must concern ourselves with and we must not be single-issue individuals. This will all happen while our country murders children under the legal protection of our government. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

This type of sin is truly reprehensible, but even now God is willing to forgive those who repent. Even now he extends his hand in an offer of total clemency to everyone from the senator, to the abortion doctor, and to mothers who have had abortions. God is in the business of totally forgiving sinners, but repentance must come first. There is grace for the humble and brokenhearted. As a people, we must renounce these vile actions as an attack on the image of God which is found in every man, woman, and child. God offers forgiveness, but first we must humble ourselves.

To our leaders who voted against this bill, I solemnly warn you as a preacher of God’s word, you will be held accountable before the Almighty God. On that day, none of your justifications will matter. You will not live forever, and one day you will stand before the Lord of righteousness, and he will execute justice upon you. I plead with you not to fear the wrath of the voters but fear the wrath of Almighty God of the universe. He will rightly condemn you for your evil slaughter of children. God sees, he knows, and he will judge. Fear Him. Stop your vile oppression and turn to Christ for forgiveness. If you do not, God’s righteous judgment will fall heavily upon you. On that day, there will be cheering, but it will not be your cheering. God’s people and all creation will rejoice as God executes perfect and eternal justice. Man is left without excuse, so you must turn from your evil ways!

Senators, know this day is coming, and it will come sooner than you like. Americans, know the Day of Judgment is also coming for you. How will you self-govern in light of that day and this travesty? How will you answer the Lord on that day? Let us mourn our national sin and respond by renouncing it through repentance. Then and only then can any of us find life in Christ. He and he alone is the only hope in the face of such moral darkness. He will bring with him an eternal kingdom of righteousness and justice. That day is coming for us all.

By: Levi J. Secord