Science is Real, Love is Love, & Blatant Contradictions


Every day I drive past a sign in my neighbor’s yard which contains several ideological slogans. Two of these statements are, “Science is real” and “Love is love.” Now as far as substantial arguments go, there isn’t much to these at all. Saying love is love is redundant. It’s like saying a dog is a dog. Great, thanks for those scintillating insights. Love is love is a necessarily true statement, and to argue against it would be impossible.

In the same way, I know of no one who denies that science is real. In our cultural moment, these slogans are attached to the progressive movement and thus carry a lot of ideological baggage. While these two statements are factually true, how they operate as slogans in our context is not only false, but the two slogans are contradictory.

To see this, we need to understand what these two slogans mean in our cultural chaos. First, what is meant by science is real? It is most likely a shot at anyone who denies the pet scientific beliefs of progressives: evolution and global warming. The political nature of global warming science has been thoroughly documented and is typified by the end-times prophecies of scientists dating back to the 1970s warning of an imminent end of the world. All these predictions have been wrong. This is a scientific fact; the world didn’t end when they said it would. The world did not end when scientists gave us ten years to live, fifty years ago, nor did Al Gore’s ten-year prediction come true. As far as Darwinian evolution goes, more and more scientists are openly questioning it as a theory. This is because Darwinism has many scientific holes in it. True scientists who aren’t ideologues recognize this truth. But you would have to read beyond a high school textbook to find such information. As a Christian, I am all for science. By that, I mean the scientific method where you develop a hypothesis and test it repeatedly to see if it is true. But I reject scientism, the belief that science is the source of all truth. Scientism is ironically unscientific.

What about the slogan love is love? It is a silly argument because it makes no formal argument. The phrase by itself is redundant, yet it is wielded as a battering ram to advance the moral uprightness of so-called LGTBQ love. What it means in our day is that all forms of romantic love are equally love. This just begs the question, “What is love anyway?” As a Christian, I know love to be the pursuit of good. In other words, love is morally rooted in the character of our good God. Love is expressed between humans as we seek what is good for others. Homosexuality isn’t good for anyone; therefore, it isn't loved.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what these two slogans mean, it is time for their glaring contradictions to be put on display. Below are just two examples which demonstrate the absurdity of this silly lawn decoration.

First, science is indeed real. Amen. In fact, if you ever open up a biology book you will find that there are only two sexes in the human race—male and female. Gender, if you separate it from biological sex, doesn’t exist. If we really want to believe in science, then we need to admit that men are men and women are women. Since the “T” in LGBTQ stands for transgender, anyone who supports that movement doesn’t believe in science. They reject, at least in practice, that there are only two sexes.

Moreover, at the risk of being crude, these two sexes are complementary. Sexual intercourse is clearly meant to involve male and female parts. This is biology 101. Deny it if you want, but when you do excuse me if I scoff at your claims of believing in science. A man may be able to mutilate his genitalia in an attempt to look like a woman, but every DNA strand in his body is male. His Y chromosome cannot be removed. In the same way, a woman cannot add the Y chromosome to her genetic code to become a man. Sure, adults can pretend to change their sex, but as they do, they deny a basic scientific fact. The truth is, the LGBTQ movement is an outright rejection of science. You can’t claim to follow science and support this movement without embracing a massive contradiction.

Second, as far as love is love goes, the existence of love has been declared an unscientific fantasy by the scientific community. If Darwin is right, then all there is in the universe is natural and physical. If all that exists is material, then love can’t exist because it isn’t material. Love becomes nothing more than a meaningless chemical reaction in your head. Love then has no definition and no purpose. It doesn’t exist. Welcome to what Darwinism has wrought—love is just a bedtime story we tell ourselves to cope with our meaningless lives. It is nothing more than an evolutionary delusion. If someone wants to fully embrace Darwinism and naturalism, then you must believe that every time you say the word love, you are lying. So if the progressive view of science is right, then we are just animals who’ve tricked ourselves into thinking we have personhood and that love exists. If we embrace modern Darwinism, then we must say love doesn’t exist. Not to mention, in a Darwinistic universe, science is also impossible, but that is a topic for another post.

What our unbelieving friends fail to recognize is that no matter how smug their slogans are, they are nothing more than paper mountains which go up in flames at the slightest challenge. Why is it that their worldview collapses upon itself? Because this is God’s world. Francis Schaeffer put it well, “Regardless of a man’s system, he has to live in God’s world.” You and I cannot escape God. This is his world, and it is only by recognizing him that we can make sense of the world and basic human experience. Every other attempt falls in upon itself. The ruin of these ideological houses is always great. It is only the Christian worldview which can explain our world because our world was created by the Christian God.

Levi J. Secord