God Speaks Personally to Us Today

I have been reading Kevin DeYoung’s book Taking God at His Word and I came across this section which explains perfectly the issues that surround people looking for their own personal revelation from God by hearing his voice:

 Several years ago there was an anonymous article in Christianity Today entitled “My Conversation with God.” Here’s how it began:

Does God still speak? I grew up hearing testimonies about it, but until October 2005, I couldn’t say it had ever happened to me. I’m a middle-aged professor of theology at a well-known Christian University. I’ve written award-winning books. My name is on Christianity Today’s masthead. For years I’ve taught that God still speaks, but I couldn’t testify to it personally. I can only do so now anonymously, for reasons I hope will be clear. A year after hearing God’s voice, I still can’t talk or even think about my conversation with God without being overcome by emotion.


The anonymous professor went to take about an experience where God supernaturally gave him a book outline and a book title and then directed him to use the money from the book to help a young man go to school and prepare for ministry. He finished the article by saying how strengthened his faith has been to finally have God personally speak to him.

 It’s a fine story in many ways, except in this crucial way: it gives the impression that God does not normally speak to us personally. The article leaves us feeling as though God speaking to us through Scripture is an inferior, less exciting, less edifying means of communication. We can’t help but conclude, “Yes, the Bible is important, but oh, what a treasure it would be if I could experience Godreally speaking to me! If I could hear from the sure and infallible voice of God.”

 Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Can  you imagine God speaking to you—personally, certainly, and authoritatively? Well, the good news(which the article seems to have missed) is that every single one of us can hear from God today, right now, at this very moment. God still speaks. And he has a word for us that is sure, steady, and unerring.

DeYoung hits the nail on the head. We treat God’s word as unexciting and the obsession today with hearing a word from God is just another symptom of our lack of respect and awe over what God in his wisdom has given us. He speaks to us every day through Scripture and we must not ignore it. His voice is heard every time his Word is read.